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What's DirectShow for Silverlight?

DirectShow for Silverlight introduces DirectShow architecture into the Silverlight world.

Ispired by the original Windows framework, this library includes the engine and filters for audio and video trasformation and visualization, potentially for all containers and codec.
For an introduction of DirectShow for Windows see here.

Try a demo here.

Current features

This project is just started so it contains the base classes, interfaces and filters:
  • FilterGraph and all DirectShow interfaces
  • MemAllocator for sample allocation
  • SystemClock for rendering synchronization
  • UriSourceAync filter to load data
  • WaveParser filter to parse wave file
  • WaveWriter filter to write wave file
  • OggDecoder filter for ogg vorbis audio file decoding
  • AudioVisualization filter for bar peaks visualization
  • ElementCaptureSource to grab an element rendering a create a video stream
  • PinTee filter to split samples to different filters
  • VideoAudioRender filter to render audio and video. This a wrapper around MediaStreamSource and MediaElement

AudioVisualization in action:

Coming soon

  • Other containers parser such as FLV, AVI
  • ColorSpaceConverter
  • Other decoders
  • Intelligent connect
  • Graph editor

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